OnlyOffice & Bug Fixes — risiOS 36 Updated ISO (20220903)

2 min readApr 13, 2023

We have dropped a new relatively minor update. Its biggest feature is OnlyOffice now being preinstalled, however there are also quite a few bug fixes.

NOTE: This was originally published on August 3rd 2022.

New Website

Our Wordpress site was having several issues including random crashes, buttons linking to the IP for the site instead of the domain, and crashes whenever we tried to edit the website. So, we are now using a new website built on Microweber instead of Wordpress.


We are now partnering with OnlyOffice to preinstall it on risiOS. OnlyOffice is a great office suite with an easy user interface, excellent Microsoft Office document compatibility, and everything else you need from an office suite.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Debug Mode enabled in risiWelcome — No longer shows NVIDIA Drivers on non-NVIDIA systems.
  • Removed fsync-kernel — fsync-kernel was breaking certain systems.
  • Added NVIDIA suspend patch to NVIDIA installer — Fixes random freezes when and other bugs occurring when resuming from suspend on NVIDIA systems.
  • Added support for legacy NVIDIA drivers — Easier if you are trying to run risiOS on older hardware.
  • Removed button borders in risi-tweaks’s color selection menu — TechHut kept bothering us about this.
  • risiTweaks and risiWelcome version scheme changed to the distro version — Makes development less confusing for us.
  • Removed Herobrine — That guy was annoying.