risiOS 36 Feature Drop 1 Release Notes

3 min readApr 13, 2023


This is our first “Feature Drop”. Our way of showing off the stuff we’re working on when we just cannot wait for the next real release.

NOTE: This was originally published in September 3rd 2022.

Community Updates

Show off your risiSpirit (and more places to ask how to install Roblox).

Merch Drop

We are proud to announce risiOS T-shirts! Our first design is based on the highly controversial risiOS 36 Wallpaper.

This limited-edition design is available in our store now, starting at $20. Clear out your closet!

New designs will be available every 1–2 months! Get it now in the risiOS shop.

The Subreddit

For the redditors out there who just can’t crave orange button presses enough. We now have our own subreddit. Go on there and flex your new system colors (more on that later).


We also now have community forums to improve community engagement as well as to have a better archive of solutions to issues. Check it out.

New Features

Ricing at a whole new level, just ignore the part that says GNOME.

Accent Colors in risiTweaks

risiTweaks gained support for Accent Colors. You can pick between 7 beautiful colors:

Blue (Default), Green, Orange, Yellow, Red, Purple, and Brown.

Full editable colors in risiTweaks

If an accent color is not enough, risiTweaks also gained support for full color customization.
Every UI color can be edited freely. Make your system completely unusable to anyone but you!

New CLI tool for customizing theming (adwcolor)

If you are one of those show-off Linux users who likes doing everything from the terminal, the tool we made for changing window/accent colors has a terminal use. Just type adwcolor help to get started.

Nobara Patches in the Gaming risiScript

The Gaming Quick Setup risiScript now gives you the option to install Sentry Kernel (used in Nobara) as well as Nobara’s mesa-git and glibc patches. This should make risiOS a slightly better distro for gaming. Also if you haven’t already, check out the Nobara project.

EDIT: The Sentry kernel has since been removed due to it bricking systems.

Other Updates

Stuff you don’t care about

- Dock from Dash updated to 56 — Bug fixes and improvements
- adw-gtk-theme updated to 3.5 — Bug fixes and improvements
- Webapp Manager updated to 1.2.4 — Updated to Linux Mint’s upstream version of 1.2.4. Adds new browsers, custom browser parameters, and other improvements.

Bug Fixes

We supply museums with bugs for the bug lollipops.

- Fixed timeout was reached on Flatpak installs through GNOME Software — This was due to an SELinux bug. Thanks to Lea Gray from Fyra Labs and Cappy Ishihara from Ultramarine Linux for their work on this bug!
- systemd-networkd removed — Increases boot speed and fixes bug where installation media would randomly crash when not connected to internet.
- Removed Herobrine — that guy was annoying.

Get the drop while it’s hot.

You can get all these excellent features in a fraction of the time it took us to make them. Just open GNOME Software Center and click “Update All” on the top of the Updates tab.

Lea Gray & Cappy Ishihara– Worked on Flatpak Bug
Jaiden Riordan — Wrote these notes

Also special thanks to our partners at Ultramarine Linux and FOSS Torrents as well all the developers who have contributed to upstream projects including the Linux kernel, GNOME, Fedora, Freedesktop.org, the GNU project, and many other developers and contributors. Without them, we wouldn’t exist.