risiOS 37.1 is now available

2 min readApr 13, 2023

risiOS 37.1 is now officially available. This update focuses on bug fixes and improvements to the operating system, and does not introduce any major new features.

NOTE: This was originally published December 13th 2022.

Some of the key fixes and improvements in this release include:

OS Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with copr not working properly
  • Updated packages

risiTweaks Updates

In addition to these general improvements, risi-tweaks has received a number of updates, including:

  • Fixed a bug that caused rThemes to break if the file name was “.yaml” or “.rtheme” instead of “.yml”
  • Added a URL for downloading themes, along with a disclaimer that some themes may cause issues
  • Removed risi-tweaks-next from experiments
  • Added a kernel-fsync script to the “experiments” section (with more experiments to come)

risiWelcome Updates

risiWelcome has also been updated, with changes including:

  • Added a link to download themes
  • Fixed an issue with the rpmfusion script failing due to Celluloid
  • Removing the Office Suite picker from the productivity script (due to OnlyOffice being preinstalled)
  • Removing Microsoft Teams from the productivity script (the app is being retired in favor of the web app)

rTheme Improvements

Finally, rTheme has been updated to improve the way GNOME Shell updates for the selected theme, eliminating the need to restart GNOME in order to apply changes. We hope you enjoy these updates and improvements in risiOS 37.1. Thank you for choosing risiOS as your operating system.